Non-Invasive Treatment

PDO Threads are a pioneering, non-invasive technique of facial tissue repair, which contributes to the immediate recovery of elasticity and firmness of the skin.

These are specialized PDO threads that are placed under the skin to repair the tissues and improve the texture of the skin.

Νήματα PDO

PDO (polydioxanone) Threads are made of a biocompatible absorbable material which has been widely used in surgery.

PDO threads are inserted into the skin with thin flexible cannulaes or needles and depending on where we want to act, they are placed in a special way each time to form a tissue support grid.

The needles are then removed while the threads are absorbed, creating a new natural mesh that supports and recovers the tissues.

In some cases, and in particular for the rectification of the face and throat, some COG threads of the same category may be used.

Νήματα PDO

These are threads with special hooks that have the ability to pull the skin outward in the desired direction, so as to bring back the areas with intense relaxation.

The number and dimensions of the threads used each time are personalized, depending on the amount of relaxation and the areas we want to improve.

Usually there is a combination of different sizes for an optimal aesthetic result.

Νήματα PDO

PDO and COG, in addition to tissue repair, also stimulate fibroblasts, i.e. collagen-producing cells, elastin, and extracellular matrix components, such as hyaluronic acid.

Treatment with PDO or COG is an ideal cure for correcting facial contours, rhinoplasty, neck, chest, buttocks, abdomen, chest, buttocks, thighs and arms .

The fact that the material is bioabsorbable minimizes the complications, and a natural result is ensured after the particular threads are consolidated with the tissues.

The patient does not hurt and only needs antibiotic treatment after the application of the threads, so he can return directly to the everyday obligations.

Yet another advantage of threads is that we have the ability to intervene simultaneously at many of these points during a single application.

The method is completely safe, has CE certification (from the European Union) and has been widely used in all countries of the world in recent years.

The application is short, easy and painless, since the whole procedure lasts about 20-30 minutes, using local or no anesthesia

Νήματα PDO

After the application of the threads – which are absorbed in 6 months – the aesthetic result has great room for improvement, since the production of collagen continues and its maximum appearance is achieved in 3 months.

The effect of the treatment is maintained for 12 – 15 months.

After this time, the process can be completed or repeated entirely.


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