Non-Invasive Treatment

Treating Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Deformities Scars by stimulating collagen combined with Mesotherapy

This is an internationally recognized technical medical Dermostixia applied exclusively by Vipaestheticlinic combined with Mesotherapy.

Dermostixia without pigment

Called Multitrepanic Collagen Activation or MCA and has resulted in the stimulation and activation of the skin’s natural collagen and the production of new collagen and elastin.

Application of Dermostixia without pigment

Done using a special gun last American technology U-225 and is achieved without adding pigments.

The tiny painless needle U-225 stimulates the deep layers of the skin to produce collagen, elastin and melanin.

Simultaneously achieve better revascularization of the points of application.


Is combined with the Mesotherapy PRP, the mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid and vitamins as well as in combination with specific firming agents for the treatment of stretching and cellulite in various body regions.

Result is skin regeneration, smooths and softens expression wrinkles and has beneficial effects on postoperative, postburns and acne scars.

Pantelis Valvis


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