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Since antiquity, the concept of beauty is praised by philosophers, artists, architects, mathematicians, anatomists, surgeons and theologians.

The Greek philosophers were those that dealt with the main characteristics of beauty, not only external, but also internal and mentioned the perfection of harmony between body and spirit.

The ancient Greeks had a real passion for beauty and discovered the laws that regulate the harmony of proportions and applied to each element of nature and art.

The first who tried to deal with the mathematical concepts of beauty, was Pythagoras.

Although there are not many writings of Pythagoras, he was the one that influenced subsequent philosophers and the most important of them, was Platonas.

Platonas developed the theory of harmony and argued that the class, the proportion and balance of each person, are the essence of beauty.

Cosmetic surgery

The Cosmetic Surgeon contributes greatly, so to improve the external appearance in men and women and while this reflected and improve the internal world and the psychology of the individual.

Cosmetic surgery

The Cosmetic Surgery allows us to correct the face and body of an individual. Today Aesthetic Surgery is an option for millions of men and women on the planet, seeking to turn back the clock and harmonize their external appearance to the way they live and act.

In Vip Aesthetic Clinic will find high standards of medical services of Aesthetic Surgery, as the responsible Plastic Surgeon systematically monitors the latest global developments in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery.

In our clinic we offer sessions plastic and cosmetic surgery, non-invasive beauty treatments and anti-aging and dermatology services, and laser.

Dr. Valvis will propose solutions and answers to your questions and we will approach it with respect and dignity.

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Plastic Surgery

The way to choose the right plastic surgeon

Contact the Greek Company of Plastic Surgery to make sure that the doctor who operated on you is registered.

Contact the Greek Company of Plastic Surgery to make sure that the doctor who operated on you is registered.

Ask to see photos before & after

This is typical of the work done to compare the results.

Visit more than one plastic surgeon

This will help you find the most appropriate physician that will inspire you with confidence in this relationship. The relationship with your doctor based on mutual confidence and gain understanding of your expectations in relation to the results.

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